Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I will never for the life of me be able to take 'outfit shots', without being too 'posed' and end up looking ridiculous or try and take a 'casual' one in my mirror and equally look ridiculous. Although neither two apply, mainly being the fact I had no effort to turn a light on so you could actually see the outfit better, I'm going to proceed to post it although showing the lack of patience I have..
Anyway I wore this today, I was going to wear a fitted black pencil skirt because I thought the contrast of the dark blue pattern in my top would look good, nevertheless I counted against it and I think I have this thing where I can deter from anything I think first looks good and end up looking like I've just been dragged through a charity shop, hey ho I like this skirt; I got it for my christening when I was about 10 and never threw it away for the 'sentimental' value, although it still fits me and now you have an image of a fat child wearing this skirt, although you probably didn't have an image of me wearing the skirt as a fat child but you probably did so after I wrote that, well if not that was completely pointless, and furthermore pointless as I have the skill where I can carry on talking/typing about equally nothing.
I liked my makeup today, I tried out the 'Real Techniques' brushes I bought on Monday and they're truly immense but I need to get my eyebrows threaded so no there won't be a photo of my makeup today (not that you'd really want it or it'd make any real difference to your lives haha).

Sleeveless Blouse- Ralph Lauren
Leather Jacket- All Saints
Skirt- Gap

I also wore a twist scarf from American Apparel, which I think was a limited edition design as I can't find it on their web store to show you, its black and gold and I like it and I think they are a great thing to wear to finish off an outfit.

Also I re-read Socrates Adams- Everything's Fine, today. I completely love this book, and I need a new book to read, so do you have any suggestions?
Whilst reading this on the tram home also I started choking on a coconut which was an experience as many lovely elderly ladies looked at me like it wasn't a natural thing to happen hm.......
Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 15.18.17
Also this is just a photo of some street art I saw today, I really like it. It was just on Dantzic Street by The Printworks, which if you didn't know is kind of entertainment venue, they usually have live bands in the centre in the weekend and a some really nice eateries, The Odeon and there is also a 'Virgin Active' gym there too. Originally until the late 80's it was a printing press hence the name 'Printworks', but in the late 90's became what it is today.

It's really sunny where I live, and I'm having a nice day; so I hope you're all having a nice day too! :)


  1. I didn't picture a fat ten year old was just amazed that you'd stayed as slim as your ten year old self!x

  2. I love your outfit. The All Saints jacket is AMAZING.

    and check out my shop:

  3. hahaha the image of a fat child wearing the skirt, not at all what i was thinking :D your outfit looks lovely!

  4. that skirt is so pretty, and so cute that you've kept it all that time! :)xo

  5. Obsessed with the skirt! Love the blog <3
    -Imani Love