Thursday, 28 June 2012


I thought I would share with you all a little 'D.I.Y' I made a while back. My MAC keyboard unfortunately broke, after we had friends round and someone had spilt a drink on it. I wanted to get a new keyboard anyway as I wanted a wireless one, so bingo idea..


If you think about one of the comedies where they have a scene of someone using dangerous implements i.e hammer, saw etc, and having no absolute clue to how it's used, so ending up cutting the wrong thing or getting a wonky size..yeh thats me, in a nice way haha

So I started of by looking for some smallish bits of wood that would kind of be a size of a shelf, and by this no I didn't mean go into a forest searching for readily cut wood magically coming in the size of my future shelf, we have a wood burner at home which can come in amazingly handy so I found two pieces that were about 3/4 of a metre in length 3/4 inches in width. 
Then I used my handy skills and cut them, one being half the size of the bigger one (which is the shelf bit) 
I used the paint that I had on my wall as I thought having another colour would look odd, so I let that dry for however long it took.
*Drum roll* And then I let my anger out on the poor keyboard and randomly one by one super glued the edge until the side of the shelf was covered.
LAST but not least I put it in the corner of my room, as my room is at the top of the house the beams are at a good size TO have a shelf there, so match made in heaven; I think so.

Voila a shelf that kind of looks odd, but at the same time quite cool, although some would be thinking you bought a mac keyboard specially for that....


I thought I'd show you a picture of my wall, I'm changing the light switch soon as I detest plastic fittings etc, but it's just a load of postcards of places I've been or some posters of animals or a few drawings. I love my wall, but as it's more of a recent hobby I still need to go to a few more places to fill up the wall and hopefully expand to another.... one day haha


Last but not least I've started painting my drawers this greenhouse 'green' colour, which I love and I think would look great overall as a 'worn out' look to the draws, and would contrast well with the colour of my walls.

Have you done any 'D.I.Y's recently? If so what have you done?

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Sorry for the slight M.I.A but nearly finished school forever, I've finished all my main exams I just have Accountancy left, but it's all going super well because I've passed all the Accountancy modules, so I have one more left, slightly nerve racking but once it's all done I'll be pleased!
I ordered PEACE' signed vinyl which was really exciting to open the post to, and how amazing is their cover? You should definitely take a listen to them

I also bought these shoes from Topshop's Premium concession, which I absolutely adore and kind of remind me of classic louboutins. Plus they're so easy to walk in and they're a classic style, so you can't really go wrong with them!


Also a note when I went into American Apparel yesterday they were selling their 'discontinued' nail varnishes for the half the original price, so making it £3.50 which is an absolute steal. Love this colour, as it's quite a nude-y yellow which is great for everyday wear, and the quality of it again is amazing, if you've read my previous post about their nail varnish.
Have you guys bought any 'steals' recently? 

Last but not definitely not least, I recently bought this book from Waterstones just picking it up on a whim after being 'enticed' by the front cover. After reading it it's definitely a really good book and I would recommend it, Adams writing style is alot different to what I would usually pick and read but not even blagging as some books describe as 'hilarious' but at times reading this you will be crying with laughter, so it's a definite great read (although not good when you're reading it on a busy train may I add!!). Plus my copy was signed by the author himself, which is cool! 
Have you read any good books recently?

Saturday, 9 June 2012



If you know me you would know I adore the India culture..well I say that I mean eyebrow threading, clothing etc (I would love to say I love more but I've not been to India...yet) ANYWAY I've used Henna before and I've always loved the look of all the amazing designs, obviously not quite to the standard of that yet, but it is amazing fun to design different patterns and I love how it looks once its dried (although it takes 5 hours to dry fully).

I bought this Henna tube from Ebay, which is great to order if you don't have time to go out as it isn't that much more expensive than in shops! But I've been told you should never pay more than a pound for Henna, otherwise the seller is ripping you off. You can get it from most Indian stores, if you live in Manchester you can get it from Afflecks palace etc.

Have you tried Henna before? What are your thoughts?