Saturday, 9 June 2012



If you know me you would know I adore the India culture..well I say that I mean eyebrow threading, clothing etc (I would love to say I love more but I've not been to India...yet) ANYWAY I've used Henna before and I've always loved the look of all the amazing designs, obviously not quite to the standard of that yet, but it is amazing fun to design different patterns and I love how it looks once its dried (although it takes 5 hours to dry fully).

I bought this Henna tube from Ebay, which is great to order if you don't have time to go out as it isn't that much more expensive than in shops! But I've been told you should never pay more than a pound for Henna, otherwise the seller is ripping you off. You can get it from most Indian stores, if you live in Manchester you can get it from Afflecks palace etc.

Have you tried Henna before? What are your thoughts?

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